** Please Note **

This web site and the manufacture of radar mounting brackets and mirrors containing Valentine1 display was estableshed mainly as a part time hobby. A new job and other commitments mean that I do not have the time to spend on this at this time and as such will not be providing any products for the forseeable future.

** Business Opportunity? **

The process to create these mirrors and the radar mounting brackets took a lot of time and experimentation to perfect, if either of these things are something you would be interested in pursuing I would be pleased to discuss arrangements for selling the process I devised such that you can build and sell your own mirrors. For an appropriate fee I would be happy to fully explain the full end to end process, the tools, techniques and processes involved to reliably modify mirrors and provide you with all of the required information to pursue this yourself. If this is something that may interest you please drop an email to info@radarrack.com.

Okay, so you have your Valentine1, probably the best radar detector available, you have it installed, looks great, now what's the best way to keep an eye on those alerts and keep the mute button in easy reach when you're passing though an area with a lot of false alerts?

The Valentine1 Remote Display unit can be disassembled and mounted in to the actual rear view mirror, to date this has been done in a few varied mirrors by request for specific people, if this is something you're interested in please send an email to info@radarrack.com.

Here are some examples:

 Porsche Boxster

Porsche 996 (Pre-Install)

 BMW E36
 Porsche Cayenne
 Nissan 350Z

 BMW E46 "Clown Nose"